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Caribbean Getaway Deals For End of December

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The prices listed below are for 2 adults + 2 kids for December 25th-January 1st and December 30th-January 6th with direct air from NYC and included hotel.

When you are ready to book we guarantee the LOWEST price at the moment of booking by scanning dozens of various travel systems and web sites. If needed, we will do a price match.

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Barcelo Maya Beach$11,470.50
Barcelo Maya Palace$12,719.65
ClubMed Cancun$16,961.38
Dreams Riviera Cancun$13,504.63
Grand Velas Riviera Maya$36,171.47
Grand Palladium White Sands$11,419.26
Iberostar Tucan$10,104.94
Moon Palace$11,426.75
Paradisus La Esmeralda$15,633.88
Riu Palace Riviera Maya$12,444.48
Riu Palace Mexico$11,648.09
Dominican Republic
Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe$11,541.48
Iberostar Bavaro Suites$9,920.51
Iberostar Haceinda Dominicus$9,402.09
Paradisus Palma Real$12,181.16
Paradisus Punta Cana$12,503.86
The Reserve Paradisus Palma Real$16,171.58
The Resreve Paradisus Punta Cana13226.96
Hilton Rose Hall$9,936.93
St. Martin
Riu Palace$11,756.54
ClubMed Sandpiper Bay$11,832.04

ClubMed Cancun$8,911.80
Paradisus La Esmeralda$7,417.55
St. Martin
Riu Palace$3,989.28
Turks and Caicos
Costa Rica
Riu Guanacaste$6,729.75
Riu Palace$6,786

Friday, July 24, 2015

US Virgin Island's Secret Little Gem- Water Island

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A gorgeous, remote island just off of St. Thomas, Water Island is known for its rugged beauty and spectacular views. With a population of barely 200, the island has no hotels, taxis, gas stations, shops, or a main town. There are only a handful of restaurants, so it’s a good idea to buy groceries in St. Thomas before coming over. Most visitors get around by renting a golf cart and driving it around the island. 

At almost 500 acres, Water Island is the smallest island in the main USVI chain, which also comprises St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The island is accessible by a short, eight-minute ferry ride from St. Thomas’s Crown Bay Marina, a five-minute drive from the airport. The ferry is six bucks if you have a suitcase, and folks are plenty happy to help you into and out of the ferry. You can easily do a day trip from St. Thomas, but if you have the opportunity to spend a few days here, do it!

The island is laid-back and friendly -- everyone knows each other and routinely participates in community events such as potlucks, movie nights, and cookouts on the beach. Water Island is also very safe; most folks don’t lock their doors.

Although it’s a small island, there is still plenty to do! The island has all the outdoor water sports you’d find in any tropical area including great snorkeling, diving, sailing, and kayaking.  The main attraction of Water Island, Honeymoon Beach is set in a gorgeous cove with plenty of shade, two beach bars/grills, and views of sailboats. On the east side of the island, Limestone Bay is a rugged and secluded beach where you can dive and snorkel.

Built as part of the US’s defense strategy during World War II, Fort Segarra is an uncompleted underground fort. You can still explore the tunnels and the area offers beautiful island views. Also, ruins from plantations from the post-colonization era are considered of great historical value to Water Island. Note that both Fort Segarra and the plantation ruins aren’t organized, operating museums, rather, visitors are welcome to explore these sites on their own.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Best Airlines for Flying Coach

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You see a lot of "best airline" stories, but many look suspiciously like they were based on business and first class. For most travelers, however, what happens at the front of the plane stays at the front of the plane—it's something to fantasize about, but prohibitively expensive and not even remotely achievable in this lifetime.

As to real-world flying for real-world travelers, everyone knows that the coach or economy airline product in the back of the plane runs from miserable to unacceptable. The "best" options are really the "least worst." So with that in mind, here are the best coach-class airlines in the world.

Best Overall Coach-Class Airline in North America: JetBlue

Even after the current downgrading, JetBlue's extra legroom still beats any other airline. The de facto charge for a checked bag, at $15 over the minimum fare, is less than on most other airlines. The satellite-based Wi-Fi is free, at slow speeds, and $9 an hour for enough bandwidth to stream movies. And seats in JetBlue's Airbus planes are an inch wider than on any competitors' 737s.

Most Consumer-Friendly Coach-Class Airline in North America: Southwest

Its "two checked bags at no extra charge" and "no ticket-change penalty" policies make Southwest a clear winner for being nice to customers. Fortunately, at least so far, Southwest seems to have convinced Wall Street that those passenger-friendly policies gain more revenue in total customers than it would gain by imposing fees and losing customers. With other giant carriers charging checked bag fees of $25 a pop, even one checked bag gives Southwest a $50 round-trip fare advantage.
Southwest has even managed to tame the chaos of its unique no-advance-assignment boarding process: You get your boarding group and number when you check in, which you can do online starting 24 hours before departure; at the airport, you line up according to number, and get on the plane with a minimum of pushing and shoving.

Best Frequent-Flyer Program for Occasional Travelers, North America: Alaska Mileage Plan

At least for now, Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan seems more generous than the big-line programs that are moving toward dollar-based earnings and rewards. You still get one mile for every mile flown, and the award chart mileage requirements are less than the effective requirements on the giant airlines. Alaska still has useful partnerships with Air France/KLM, American, British Airways, Delta, Korean, Qantas, and a few others. We don't know how long Alaska will retain its current system, but it's a winner as long as today's rules remain.

If you accumulate miles or points through a credit card that allows transfers, such as American Express, the award chart for Air Canada's Aeroplan is more generous than current big lines' plans. But you get only partial mileage credit when you fly on Air Canada's lowest fares.

Coolest Coach-Class Airline in North America: Virgin America
Yes, JetBlue beats it by the measurements, but Virgin America keeps earning great survey ratings for its flashy decor, well-trained flight attendants, top inflight technology, and general flair. Obviously, lots of travelers like what it has to offer. You might like it, too. The "Branson cool factor" also applies to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

Best Ultra-Low-Fare Coach-Class Airline in North America: Allegiant
The nod for best ultra-low-fare carrier for coach-class service goes to Allegiant, not because of its base product—which is down there with Spirit in terms of sheer torture—but because it alone brings the only low-fare mainline service to dozens of communities where travelers would otherwise have to rely on regional flights to nearby hubs, with the usual hassle, wasted time, and high fares of hub connections.
Allegiant's "nowhere to somewhere" business model gives travelers to/from communities as small as Hagerstown, Missoula, Owensboro, Provo, South Bend, and Stockton access to nonstop flights to 16 of the country's primary leisure travel destinations, including HonoluluLas VegasMyrtle BeachOrlando, and Phoenix. If you live in or near a big city, you'd never even think about Allegiant. But it's a no-brainer if you live in the sticks.

Best Coach-Class Airline for Seniors in North America: Southwest
Southwest is the only airline to offer useful senior fares for travelers 65 or over. Senior fares aren't as low as Southwest's initial lowest "Wanna Get Away" fares for travelers of any age, but when those lowest-fare buckets sell out or when they're no longer available less than a week in advance, Southwest's unrestricted senior fares are usually a lot less than any remaining any-age fares.

Best Extra-Legroom Airline in North America: JetBlue

JetBlue, which starts out with a 1- to 3-inch advantage for regular coach, retains a similar advantage for its extra-legroom cabin. And the price, capped at $90 for a transcontinental flight, is likely to be lower than the variable prices other airlines charge.
This is a big advantage JetBlue has over Virgin America, the one airline that surveys usually place in the same class as JetBlue. On Virgin America, the extra-legroom seats, limited to bulkhead and exit rows, cost more than three times the regular-coach fare: more than $900 on a transcon, for example, compared with a base coach fare of $300. Yes, you get extras along with the legroom, but that huge fare premium is a deal breaker for someone who just wants enough space to use an e-reader or tablet comfortably.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Low Season Travel Deals

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Summer means vacation time for many travelers; prices on everything from airfare to hotel stays soar. And once you reach your destination, it may not be the picture-perfect setting you imagined: Paris is a massive throng of tourists, for example, while the sweltering temperatures in New York also don't seem to have any slowing effect on the stream of visitors pouring into the city. 

Fortunately, though, there are a few places where summer is actually low season; if you can handle the accompanying heat and humidity this often entails, the tradeoff for cooler prices is usually worth it. 

Caribbean: Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire

Summer is low season in the Caribbean for one good reason: hurricanes. June marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through November. And they're no joke: six hurricanes reached land off the Atlantic Ocean during the 2014 hurricane season. That being said, Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire -- also known as the ABC Islands -- are outside of the hurricane belt, making them the perfect places to enjoy the low season without a great risk of inclement weather. The temperatures are pretty consistent from winter to summer, while the difference in prices is drastic. Divi Aruba, one of the island's best all-inclusive resorts, goes for as low as $313/night this summer, but skyrockets to $482/night in January. 

Sydney, Australia
Sydney is located in the Southern hemisphere, so the Northern American summer is its winter. The best part of this is that, unlike in the colder parts of the U.S., winter in Sydney doesn't necessarily mean blizzards, icy sidewalks, and general misery. Temperatures stay mild, with lows averaging around the high 40s Fahrenheit. Plus, summer is the only time of year to see Vivid Sydney, the annual light and music festival that illuminates the sails of the Sydney Opera House. The Shangri-La Hotel Sydney, a five-pearl property with fantastic views of Darling Harbor and Sydney Cove, run as low as $213/night this summer; compare that to $294/night in December. 

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartegena is hot all year round, with only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season, which runs from May to June and August to November, is when tourism in this tropical city tends to slow down. Unlike some other places, though, a rainy day in Cartagena doesn't mean all is lost -- the rain rarely lasts all day. If you're not discouraged by the humidity, there are great deals to be had. 

Rio De Janiero, Brazil
The summer months are also Brazil's winter, when hotels are less busy and prices are lower. The only exception is July, when school holidays mean more family vacations. Again, the weather in Rio stays moderate in the summer -- the temperature averages 70 in June, which is still warm enough for visiting spectacular Rio beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema. June and August also tend to be drier than the rainy season from January to April. The super luxe Copacabana Palace drops from $377 rates in January to $323/night in August. 

Santiago, Chile

Like Brazil, Chile experiences its winter from June through August. Visitors during this time can take advantage of lower rates (the historic Le Reve boutique hotel is $182/night in August, but $222/night in December, for example). Again, the season tends to be wetter and colder than the rest of the year, but temperatures average 45 degrees Fahrenheit and rainfall averages three inches a month. 

Cape Town, South Africa
There are relatively few tourists in Cape Town from June to August, which marks winter in the region. Temperatures range between the mid 40s and mid 60s. The caveat is that the weather does get rainy and windy during these months, though the rain is intermittent and interspersed with sunny days. This time of year is also when Cape Town Fashion Week takes place, which is another reason it's worth a trip during low season. The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa in Camps Bay is an Oyster favorite; its location near the city's best surfing, and the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding mountains, are highlights. In August, rates dip as low as $199/night. In December, they go as high as $342/night. 

Pheonix, Arizona
Phoenix is another desert climate that gets the fewest visitors in the summer, thanks to temperatures that creep above 100 degrees Fahrenheit from June to August. To convince visitors that they're worth the sweltering heat, hotels often offer sweet discounts and freebies. The Phoenician, a five-pearl property in nearby Scottsdale, is offering rooms for $152/night this August, compared to $284 rates in December. And we think Phoenix -- a city defined by gorgeous golf courses, a thriving music scene, and numerous spas -- is worth a visit anytime of year. A summer trip just means more cash to spend on your organic-tea-infused facial!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

French Riviera and Children

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 Musée océanographique de Monaco
Океанографический музей и авариум в Монако (Musée océanographique de Monaco)

Monaco is a little territory located near France. Monaco is famously known for their oceanographic museum and aquarium. this museum has a very interesting history behind it, the Museum was founded by Prince Albert I. The museum lies on an 85-meter cliff, which allows all tourist the opportunity to get a panoramic view of the Riviera. The museum main attraction is the aquarium. The aquarium has over 90 tanks, each containing a rare collection of fish,corals, and invertebrates. The aquarium features an exhibit of sea creatures that were found in caves. Some of the sea creatures include, octopus, urchins, crab, eels, and plankton. For the younger kids the museum includes  animation programs. To the younger kids that are most daring they will be allowed to hold some of the sea creatures including starfish and sea urchin.

Admission fees: Adults -14 euros ($15.33 USD), Children (years 4-18)- 7 euros ($7.66 USD) Children (years 0-4)- free of charge.

Museum address: Avenue St.Martin, Monaco Ville mc

Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice 
Парк "Феникс" (Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice)

The Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice is a Botanical Garden with a humongous territory. The garden has fountains,lawns, lakes, giant greenhouse, 350 species of birds,fish and plants. The species are brought from all around the world, Africa, Greece, Spain, the Middle East, and The island of Yore. The island of Yore provides some of the most interesting plants such as, Cycads, Ginkgo bilboa, and tree ferns. Right next too the Island Yore garden there is a waterfall where you would get the opportunity to see many exotic birds , and over hundred turtles. Its a sight to see for the entire family.

Address: 405 Promenade des Anglais

Confiserie Florian
Кондитерская "Флориан" (Confiserie Florian)

The Confiserie Florian is a candy shop that sells many sweets such as, candies, jams, candied tangerines, and chocolates. The tourists will have an opportunity to taste ad buy the sweets. The shop does offer tours which will educate you on how many of their sweets are made. The tours are free.

Address: 14 Quai Papacino

Genoa and Children

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Acquario Di Genova

Genoa is one of the smallest regions in Italy. It is known for its wonderful scenery, and culture, but most of all it is known for having the largest aquarium in all of Europe. This Museum is not just fun for the kids its fun for the entire family. The Aquarium is located in the Maritime museum, which requires a hike to get to the location. This hike is a great opportunity for the adults to get a glimpse at Genoas wonderful scenery. The kids will also get a chance to sight see. The aquarium consist of Dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea urchins, and the famous clown fish that was seen in the movie finding Nemo. The aquarium includes over 200 tanks, this aquarium offers the family a day full of adventures. For those children who are older (7 and above), they will be aloud to spend the night in front of the shark tanks, and participate in many other activities. Such as going on an exciting voyage that will only take half a day but will allow adults and children to experience the true beauty of Genoa.

Aquarium Address: Area Porto Antico - Ponte Spinola16128 Genova 

Admission fees: Adults 19 euros ($20.80 USD), kids (0-3 years old) admission is free, kids (4-12 years old) 13 euros ($14.23 USD)


Liguria is the smallest region in Italy, Liguria is the Capital of Genoa.  Liguria stretches along the the western coast of France. Liguria is mostly known for its beaches . Liguria contains over  a dozen sand and pebble beaches, it is also the largest commercial port in Italy. The best transportation through Liguria are trains, Liguria offers many different transportation tourists may use small tourist trains, cable cars, and even train lift takes. The train lift takes can take the tourists to the 26th floor of Castello D'Albertis. Liguria offers many activities such as, Hiring a boat to explore the port of Genoa or exploring the Gulf of Tigullio, or going to the whale sanctuary for whale watching. Many of the activities that Liguria offers is a great experience for all ages.

La Citta Dei Bambini

La Citta Dei Bambini is the largest entertainment and educational center in Italy It offers programs  for kids from the ages 3 to 14 years. The museum offers the kids a chance to conduct experiments or go on tours where they can actually touch some off the artifacts. This interactive museum allows kids to develop under an unfamiliar territory. The museum separates itself into many different game rooms, each of which offers its own entertainment. For the younger children (those ageing 0-3 years old) are allowed to participate in house construction. The museum also has programs for older kids for example, the older kids would be allowed to create their own TV show and conduct physics experiments.

Admission fees: depending on age 5.07 euros ($5.55 USD)

Milan and Children

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Toy Factory
Музей игрушек (Museo del giocattolo e del bambino)

Milan has many museums and exhibits but not as unique as this one. The picture that is shown above is a toy from the, Milan toy museum. This museum is located in a historic building on the banks of the river Po. This museum has one of the largest toy collection, with some of the toys being made from 1700-1950. The exhibit itself is meant to show the history of toys, depicting many scenes of a child's life. There are several large collections some of them include traditional toys such as Teddy Bears, dolls, airplanes,cars, and so much more. The Museum also includes exhibits on children's literature, it will show many different paintings from famous children story books such as, Pinocchio, and the Italian comic Antonio Rubino. Some of the exhibits include mechanical toys, fortunately some toys are not under glass covers allowing you and your child to be part of the fun. The museum offers multiple Italian films that will educate the guests on how the Italian toys were made.For some extra fun, the museum does include a gift shop where you and your child can get many souvenirs and postcards. 
The admission price is 8 euros ($8.72 USD). 
Museum address: Via Pittery 56

Bistro Anadima 

This Bistro is located in the area of Navigli. The Bistro has a great reputation of understanding the mind of children, they understand that for kids going out to dinner might not be the most amusing thing in the world. So in order to get rid of this problem the Bistro offers a great selection of entertainment for the kids, the kids will be allowed to design their own napkins with various materials that will be provided, the bistro also offers the children an opportunity to create a toy. the children will then get to make the decision of keeping the toy or use it as a decoration for the bistro.
The menu is specialized for both children and adult portions. for example the Bistro offers a Sunday brunch which will cost the kids 12 euros ($13.14 USD) , the adults will cost 22 euros ($24.09 USD). If the children will not pick anything from the buffet the staff is ready to serve the children pasta al pomodoro and miniature hamburgers. This Bistro offers the offers the parents an opportunity to relax and have a nice meal, while their kids can g about and explore their creative side all while enjoying a nice meal.
Bistro address: Via Pavia 10

Milan Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci
музей в милане

The museum of science and technology founded in Milan is the largest in Europe. The museum was named after Leonardo Da Vinci, (the museum will provide an exhibition of Leonardo's inventions) The museum is split into 5 categories or five exhibition spaces. the entrance of the museum will provide maps and directions to get to each exhibition. The museum will provide the history of many famous inventions for example, the invention of the telephone, locomotive, telescope, pendulum, and more. One of the most popular exhibits is of course Leonardo Da Vinci's the exhibit will show many of his illustrations. it will include illustrations of his, helicopters, tanks, cannon, submarine, loom, and a flying machine that is very similar to the hang glider. An exciting program the museum offers is the "i.lab". The lab offers lectures on Leonardo's inventions. The kids will be given the opportunity to explore the mind of Leonardo, while the adults will get their own opportunity to see great art work and the evolution of technology.

Admission Fees: Adults 10 euros ($10.95 USD)
Children: (the ages are 3-13) 7 euros ($7.66 USD)
Babies (0-3 years old) admission is free.
There will be other fees if you wish to train in the "i.lab"
1 hour- 65 euros ($71.17)
2 hours- 100 euros ($109.50)
3 hours- 140 euros ($153.30)
Museum Address:  Via San Vittore 21

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Caribbean Getaway Deals for Last Week of November 2015

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The prices listed below are for 2 adults + 2 kids for November 21st-28th with direct air from NYC and included hotel.

When you are ready to book we guarantee the LOWEST price at the moment of booking by scanning dozens of various travel systems and web sites. If needed, we will do a price match.

Azul Beach$8,730.55
Barcelo Maya Beach$7,365.00
Barcelo Maya Palace$7,365.97
ClubMed Cancun$6,175.44
Dreams Riviera Cancun$7,050.20
Grand Velas Riviera Maya$9,907.00
Grand Palladium White Sands$7,038.97
Iberostar Paraiso Lindo$6,789.87
Iberostar Tucan$7,629.31
Moon Palace$8,313.42
Paradisus La Esmeralda$8,373.76
Riu Palace Riviera Maya$7,618.04
Riu Palace Mexico$7,694.41
Dominican Republic
Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe$5,396.27
ClubMed Punta Cana$7,118.72
Iberostar Bavaro Suites$6,032.15
Iberostar Haceinda Dominicus$5,502.67
Paradisus Palma Real$5,936.97
Paradisus Punta Cana$5,034.02
The Reserve Paradisus Palma Real$8,495.45
The Resreve Paradisus Punta Cana$7,970.38
Hilton Rose Hall$5,046.70
Iberostar Rose Hall Suites$6,858.79
St. Martin
Riu Palace$8,450.56
Turks and Caicos
Costa Rica
Riu Guanacaste$5,310.68
Riu Palace$6,754.50
ClubMed Sandpiper Bay$6,557.12
Atlantis Royal$8,681.85